Wood fence cleaning, Knoxville.Tn

‹ Fence Cleaning Knoxville, Tn. Wood fence was old and greyed and needed cleaned to be ready for staining
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    Wood fence in knoxville looks old and grey

    wood fence looks old and grey

    The homeowner called us to clean their grey looking fence so they could stain itCleaned wood fence

    After we cleaned it with a blend of soaps to kill the mold we treated it with a wood brightener to ensure it will be ready to take stain once dried

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    Back wood fence that was grey has been cleaned

    Back wood fence looks old and grey

    The rear fence of this home was grey and weathered from theĀ  environment over the yearsRear wood fence cleaned

    After we washed the fence with a soft wash of soaps, we added a brightener so the wood fence will be ready for stain once it dries

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