Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning , Knoxville home

‹ Getting Farragut Home ready to Sell with Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing
  1. 1
    Pressure Washing your Driveway

    Dirty Driveway covered in dirt, mold and algae the needs to be cleaned

    A dirty driveway is the very first thing people see coming to your homeDriveway pressure washing to remove algae and dirt

    Once the driveway has been pressure washed, applying a post-treat mix can really make it stand out, and once fully dry the driveway will be bright

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  2. 2
    Pressure Washing Sidewalk

    Pressure washing sidewalk to remove algae

    Let's not forget the sidewalk, Adding the sidewalk to the job will definitely make a difference

    Algae and dirt has been removed from sidewalk by pressure washing

    As you can see, now that the sidewalk has been power washed, this Knoxville home is well on its way

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  3. 3
    Algae growing on steps, Knoxville

    Red brick steps coveered in algae

    Now the steps are covered in algae making them slippery when wet, Red brick steps have been power washed to remove algae

    Pressure Washing the front steps removes algae and will greatly reduce a chance of slips

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  4. 4
    Window Cleaning on this Knoxville home

    Dirty window covered in dust and dirt making them look foggy

    Over time dust builds up on the glass on the inside, so a thorough window washing is whats neededWindow cleaning the inside and outside removed dirt and dust

    Once the inside / outside window washing has been done, you can clearly see the dirt has been removed, and the home is now brighter

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