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House Washing, Powell, Tn. The vinyl siding on several sides of this home was covered in green algae. Green Algae grows on siding because of weather, moisture in the ground and will be prominent on the Northside of homes due to the lack of Sunlight.

We recommend cleaning the exterior of your home at least every other year to maintain the appearance of your siding. This homeowner had not cleaned their home in 6 years and wanted to have it clean in time for the holidays.

The grey vinyl siding will begin to deteriorate if left untreated, we used a special blend of soaps to remove years of mold and algae.


Removing algae from your siding

  1. 1
    Clean gutters and soffits

    cleaning just the siding isnt enough, we like to go the extra step and insure your gutters and soffit is also clean
    Paying close attention to the gutters and soffit, a home isn't clean until this often overlooked area is clean

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    Algae on North side of home
    Algae on Vinyl Siding
    This home was covered with algae, making the home look old and dirty

    After soap is applied, we follow up with a thorough rinse to insure your home is clean

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Algae covered siding before it gets cleaned

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    This is close up pictures of before and after of algae covered siding that we cleaned

    This grey colered vinyl siding that needs to be cleaned

    This is the before photo of vinyl siding that has algae growing on it. Take a look at how this siding looked after we cleaned it. I think this customer's home is ready for the upcoming holiday.


    This is a picture of grey siding after we cleaned it in Powell Tn.

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    Cleaned white gutters and soffit that were covered in both Mold and Algae

    This white gutter and soffit was covered in Mold and Algae

    Before we cleaned this siding, it had been 6 years since this home was cleaned, even the gutters and soffit was covered in dirt and grime.

    When having your home exterior pressure washed, cleaning the gutters and soffit is a great way to give your home that extra shine to help it stand out.
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