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This home was just purchased and the new owners called us to wash the windows inside and outside before they moved in. The insides as well as the outsides were filthy from dust and grime as well as hard water staining from years of neglect.

We washed the exterior windows with pure water, water fed pole to clean and provide a spot-free rinse, on the inside we used scrubbers and squeegees to give streak-free results.

Window cleaning on the inside and outside of this Knoxville home

  1. 1
    Dusty, dirty inside windows

    Inside Window covered in dust

    The interior windows of this home were covered in dust and dirtClean window

    Using a scrubber and squeegee, we cleaned the inside windows leaving streak-free results on a now clean window.

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  2. 2
    Outside Window Cleaning

    Exterior Window cleaning

    For the outside windows, we used a water-fed pole, using clean pure water  to give spot free window washing

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  3. 3
    Skylights needed to be cleaned

    Dirty Skylight

    The skylights of this home had never been cleaned, as you can see they were covered in algaeClean skylight

    Now that the skylights are clean, they will be sure to let in natural sunlight

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