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This homeowner called us to Powerwash algae growing on a brick wall in Farragut, Tn.  This home was going on the market the following week, so we had to clean it up before the realtor took pictures. The house was covered in spider webs, and the retaining walls had heavy algae build up from years of neglect.

We applied soaps with an algaecide to help kill the algae that was growing on the walls due to high levels of moisture from a heavy rain season and virtually no sun around the backside of the home. We then used a power washer to blast away the mold and algae, then finished up with a post-treat of our algaecide to slow down future growth.

brick home covered in Mold and Heavy algae

  1. 1
    Front retaining wall covered in algae before powerwashing, then after it was cleaned using an algaecide

    Front retaing wall covered in algae before powerwashing

    This front retaining wall was covered in algae and needed to be pressure cleaned to get the home ready to sell.Retaining wall after it was cleaned with a pressure washer

    The same wall after it was pressure cleaned and treated with special soaps to help kill 100% of the algae and mold

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    Side brick retaining wall that needed pressure washed to remove heavy levels of algae

    Side brick Retaining wall covered in heavy growth of algae  that needed to be pressure washed

    The Brick retaining wall was covered in heavy algae due to lack of sun. Over the years it built up and made the property look disgusting Brick retaining wall that was cleaned with pressure washer

    After this wall was cleaned with a pressure washer, we treated the wall with a special algaecide to slow down the regrowth of the algae. The homeowner was so excited, they said the wall looked better than when they had moved in.

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