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This West Knoxville / Farragut home needed to be Pressure Washed before Family arrived for the Holidays. The Northside of the home had a heavy build-up of Algae, and the gutters and soffits had black and grey on them. We also cleaned the driveway and sidewalk. The steps were beginning to get slippery.

Our Low-Pressure Soft wash was just what this house needed. Causing zero-damage, we were able to remove all the algae as well as all the grey and black from the eaves. After we applied a Pre-treat on the driveway and sidewalk, we used the surface cleaner to get rid of the algae on the concrete. Once the post-treat was applied, it will really stand out in the neighborhood.

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Farragut Home covered in Mold and Algae

  1. 1
    Concrete steps slippery from the algae

    Front steps have algae and dirt on them making them slippery

    The steps were getting slippery from the algae growing on the concreteconcrete steps pressure washed and free of algae

    Once the concrete was power washed, the steps were no longer slippery

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  2. 2
    North Side of home has algae growing on it

    Algae growing on the North side of the vinyl siding

    The side of this home needed pressure washed to remove the green

    Vinyl siding on northside of home free of algae after pressure washed

    Once washed, all the algae was gone from the vinyl siding

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  3. 3
    Dirty concrete sidewalk

    Dirty sidewalk leading up to home

    The sidewalk leading to the front door was dirty from the mulch

    sidewalk is clean after being pressure washed

    Once cleaned it really increases the curb appeal of this home

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  4. 4
    Dirty Concrete driveway

    Dirty Driveway the needs to be power washed

    the driveway was also dirty from the much as well as other natural dirt that falls on your driveway

    Clean driveway after powerwashing  and before completely dry

    Once cleaned and once its fully dry, the concrete will really nake this home stand out

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