Pressure Washing driveway and fence, Powell Tn

‹ Pressure Wash Fence and Driveway, Powell Tn
  1. 1
    Pressure Wash Driveway in Powell

    Dirty driveway covered in dirt and algae making it slick and unsightly

    The driveway was covered in dirt and algae, we applied a pre-treat, then went over the concrete with the surface cleaner to remove all dirt and algae.

    Clean driveway after pressure washing and applying a post-treat

    Once the driveway was cleaned, we applied a post-treat to help brighten the concrete once dry, this will also help even it out to a uniform clean

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  2. 2
    Soft wash fence in Powell to get fence ready for stain

    Wood shadowbox fence that was grey and old looking

    The wood fence was grey from weather and needed to be washed.

    Wood shadowbox fence that has been cleaned and is now ready to stain

    Now that the fence is clean, once dry it will be ready to be stained

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  3. 3
    Rear Concrete patio that needs pressure washed

    concrete patio in backyard covered in algae making it slippery to walk on

    The patio was covered in algae making it slick to walk on when wet

    Concrete patio in backyard has been pressure washed

    Now that the concrete patio has been pressure washed, all the algae has been removed and it is no longer slick to walk on

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