Power Washing, Farragut Tn

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  1. 1
    Black streaks on roof shingles

    Black streaks on roof shingles caused by mold and algae growing

    This Farragut home had algae growing on the roof creating a blackish look and black streaks

    Softwashing roof shingle to remove algae and black streaks

    Once cleaned using softwash method, the algae, and black is no longer present on the roof shingles

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  2. 2
    Algae on front porch of house

    Front steps covered in algae making them slippery

    Algae was on the front steps making them slippery, and unsightly from the front

    Steps after being pressure washed to remove mold and algae

    Once power washed, the algae is gone and the concrete is now ready for paint or epoxy

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  3. 3
    Dormer is green from algae

    Alage on vinyl siding on dormer of house

    Green algae was on the dormer covering the vinyl siding

    Dormer with vinyl siding after being washed to remove alage

    Once washed, the green is no longer there

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  4. 4
    North side of vinyl siding has algae

    Algae on vinyl siding on Northside of the house

    Since the Northside of the home gets more shade, growth will be heavier

    pressure washed vinyl siding on north side of home to remove alage

    Using low pressure, we cleaned the algae off


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  5. 5
    Algae on vinyl siding

    back side of house with vinyl siding looks green from algae

    Even the back of the home had algae on the vinyl siding

    pressure washed vinyl siding to remove algae

    Once pressure washed, the algae no longer remains

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