House needs Pressure Washed in Knoxville Tn

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  1. 1
    Algae growing on Copper Awning

    Algae and lichen has started growing on the copper awning

    Algae was growing on the copper awning of this home

    After being pressure washed, all traces of algae and lichen are removed

    We pressure washed the copper awning to remove the algae

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  2. 2
    White Soffits look black and grey

    Gutter and soffit look grey and black from algae and mold

    Hard to reach areas like this soffit are often overlooked, Mold and algae will grow on the soffits and make your home look dirty.

    Once washed the soffits and gutters are white again

    As you can see, after being pressure washed, the mold is gone, algae is gone, and the soffits are back to white

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  3. 3
    Soffit and Gutter looks black from the algae

    Mold and algae growing on soffits also have spider webs

    Again mold and algae have grown but because of the light, spider webs and insects have littered the area.

    pressure washing removes mold and algae and gutters are white

    Once the area has been soft washed properly, the algae, as well as the spiderwebs, are gone leaving the gutters and soffits bright white

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  4. 4
    Windows have streaks after being pressure washed

    Soap scum left on windows after house was pressure washed

    Often times I see after a home has been washed the windows are left with streaks from the soap

    windows cleaned after pressure washing removes soap scum from glass

    After the home has been washed, its important to have the exterior windows cleaned

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