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Pressure washing this Hardin valley home. This home is one of our regular customers. We wash the vinyl siding of this home every two years. There is a creek right behind the house which causes algae to grow faster than a typical home.

We used soft wash pressure washing to apply the saps to kill the algae and rinse off to complete the shine.

This Hardin Valley home needed to be pressure washed

  1. 1
    Vinyl siding with mold and algae cleaned

    Vinyl Siding covered in mold and algae

    This home got a nice treat. the siding had mold and algae so we used our soft wash to remove and kill the fungusPressure washed vinyl siding

    Once we applied the soap solution, and after a little dwell time, we give it a thorough rinse

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    Concrete Patio needs pressure washing

    Concrete patio has algae growing

    The concrete was becoming slippery from the algae

    Conrete patio cleaning

    After we pressure washed the concrete, we applied an algaecide to help kill the algae

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