Vinyl siding covered in algae and mold as well as a dirty driveway

‹ Pressure Washing House and Driveway in Knoxville
  1. 1
    Dirty Concrete Driveway power washed

    Concrete Driveway slippery from algae

    The homeowner needed the concrete driveway pressure washed because it was dirty from algaePowerwashed driveway

    After we used a surface cleaner to thoroughly  pressure wash the driveway, we applied a post-treatment to help keep the driveway cleaner

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  2. 2
    Pressure Washing concrete sidewalk

    Conrete sidewalk covered in algae

    The sidewalk was slippery when it rained from the algaeCleaned sidewalk

    We removed the algae with our surface cleaner to make sure it was no longer slippery

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  3. 3
    Pressure Wash gutters

    Gutters needed pressure washed

    The gutters were covered in algae

    pressure washed gutters

    Now that the gutters have been pressure washed they will brighten up as the day goes by

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  4. 4
    Pressure Washing vinyl siding

    Vinyl Siding has mold and algae

    Mold and Algae was growing on the vinyl sidingVinyl Siding free from mold and algae

    We used a low-pressure soft wash to clean the vinyl siding, killing 100% of all mold and algae

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