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The homeowner called us to clean these new windows after remodeling their home. The glass was covered in debris, dirt, and grime from the construction process, as well as removing manufacturer stickers from the glass.

On the inside, we washed the windows with a scrubber, uses a razor blade specifically for glass, then squeegeed them dry. on the exterior we used our spot free window washing equipment to help them shine and provide streak-free results

Washing windows of this beautiful home

  1. 1
    Cleaning the inside windows

    Drying window using a squeegee

    On the interior, we used scrubbers and a squeegee to provide streak-free window cleaning

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  2. 2
    High windows are no problem to clean

    Cleaning high windows with no ladder

    On the exterior windows, we used spot free window cleaning, which makes the use of ladders not necessary.

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  3. 3
    Cleaning exterior Bay windows

    Large bay windows need cleaned

    Once again our water-fed pole system created spot-free and streak-free results for window cleaning these bay windows.

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