This Tellico Village home had dirty windows

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    Second Story Window Cleaning

    High exterior window window washing with water fed pole

    Using the water fed pole to clean exterior windows is by far the best way to go. Without the use of ladders, we can safely reach those windows and remove all organic debris. This method, if done properly, will provide spot-free and streak-free results.

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  2. 2
    Cleaning the windows with scrubbers and squeegees to remove dirt and dust

    using a scrubber to remove dust and dirt from the glass on a window

    On the interior of your home, we use a scrubber with high-quality soap to thoroughly remove the dust and dirt, and whatever else is on the windows.

    using a squeegee to make sure windows are cleaned

    Next, we use a squeegee to remove all excess soap as well as all the dirt leaving bright and shiny windows

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  3. 3
    Dust and dirt on the windows

    Windows were covered in dust and dirt

    the glass was covered in dustonce cleaned, the room was brighter and the glass shiny

    Once finished, the glass is completely cleaned, with no spots, no streaks

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